What to do in 2018?

Thus begins a new year with the same question again what will I do this year?

People have a lot of answers of this question, but what they don’t realize is that they will be doing the same thing they did last year or the year before that or even the year before that.

The same old cycle of thinking of doing something awesome becoming more intelligent, becoming more beautiful, becoming more successful…but wait!

Isn’t that what you wanted in the previous years ?

You still wish for those so does that mean you didn’t get those thing before, so about changing the pattern of how you live your life I mean take a Good Hard Look At Yourself !

The best investment you can do for a lifetime is to learn something with a long term effect and don’t say you don’t have the time to because if you can have the time to check your Facebook, twitter or Instagram or whatever you use you sure can take some time to learn.

But hey! What to learn?

Well the answer to that question in my opinion is simple learn a programming language because as the time is running into the future those who know programming languages will always profit and just to be clear I don’t mean go get a degree in computer science or something , there are a lot of free sources from which you can learn to program.

Below is one of those free websites which teach you as well as train you as the programmer end result you get a skill set that will profit you for the long run and for now as well and you land an awesome job!



FreeCodeCamp  is an non-profit website for learning how to code they teach you about front-end development , back-end development and more in which you get to learn how to use html5, CSS3, Jquery, JavaScript, bootstrap etc . 

You will be given coding challenges to complete and you will get your very own full stack developer certificate

Most of the time it takes people around six months to a year to complete just the  front-end

 developer course

which is of estimated 400 hours according to FreeCodeCamp.  

 It doesn’t matter if they are a degree holder in computer science or know nothing at all that’s just the average time  people take for completing it.

But me and my twin brother completed the Front-End

 Developer course in just 41 days!


it’s not a typing mistake it is 41 days, during which we were also preparing for our exams and working part-time jobs and no our exams were not relating to programming nor was the jobs yet we Aced in everything.

If we can complete this just 41 days while doing other things then so can You!

 In the next few weeks I will teach you what challenges you will be facing in FreeCodeCamp, what those challenges means and just how to solve them 

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